At Cotech, we love to develop and deliver all things digital, all things software, and all things techie. We are a leader in collaborating with clients as their Strategic Service Partner, and as their Tech Strategies and Consulting Service Partner.

Our clients have informed us in the past that they found Cotech to simply be one of the most useful and reliable firms in India when it came to building cutting-edge IT products and services. These IT solutions tend to be extremely useful in triggering user engagement and conversion. developed with creativity, inmovation and excellence.

Technology we prefer.


Data Services



Data matters! We provide rich and actionable insights from all data touch points, for smart business growth. Our ability to perform data enrichment by filling gaps in existing data and combining data from other available sources with the base datasets makes us unique.



We dig deep in the data goldmine to scrape the smartest, most accurate and fastest web data extraction using technologies focused at helping enterprises acquire large volume of data from the web.

Other Skills We have

Mobile App Development

COTECH MANAGEMENT AND SOLUTIONS LLP helps firms with mobile app development for their specific software requirements. Turn your ideas into fully functional and aesthetic android and iOS apps that your users would be absolutely satisfied with.

Website Development

At Noida providing custom website development services. Our agency’s overall development aim is to deploy the latest technology to develop a strategic website for you that reflects your business services, targets and vision.

Enterprise Application Development

It may be a complicated method of making applications for business functions. They are complicated, tailored to essential business needs and might be deployed on the cloud, on a network of platforms across company networks, computer networks, etc.


 It is one of the hottest technology trends that has invaded the business scenario in the recent years. The technology empowers computers to imitate human intelligence in an exceedingly reliable manner.

Machine Learning (ML)

We offers advanced machine learning solutions to help organizations in solving key business challenges, enabling data-driven decision making, and creating innovative business models. 


UI/UX can make or break any digital platform- and that’s why Cotech comes up with beautiful web, app and graphic designs that effectively convey your services to your clients and your vision to your business partners. Our design can connect you to your users in a way they’ll never forget. 

The USP of our design is that once it’s delivered, you won’t ever want to tweak a damn pixel on it. 


Your growth is our growth. We consider it our responsibility to hold your hand and guide you through the billion barriers of business. Investments, marketing, consulting, management, recruiting- we have it all covered. 

It’s our business to teach you how to dominate everyone else’s.


At the core of successful businesses lies efficient software- and we love deploying efficient software on every chance we get. Cotech is known among IT circles for its team of highly driven engineers who focus on scalability, budget, infrastructure, functionality and digital marketing.

If it’s IT solutions you need, you might want to hang out with us more often.

People Sayings !

  • We are happy to be associated with ICCPL and feel great about having such an talented team on board with us, headed by Mr. Dushyant Sinha.

  • We are really happy to be associated with ICCPL and appreciate their hard work. Our brand has really benefitted due to ICCPL's media campaign.

    Eros Group
  • ICCPL has been serving us with innovative digital campaigns and beautifully designed creatives. Their team is dedicated and creative and they meet all their responsibilities well.

    Pacific World School
  • ICCPL has done fabulous job and I will like to be associated with them forever.

  • We are really happy to be associated with ICCPL and appreciate their hard work. Our brand has really benefitted due to ICCPL's media campaign.

  • ICCPL has been doing a great job for us. We have been associated with them for long now and it has become so comfortable with them that their team actually owns the project completely.


Why COTECH………?

We focus on creating innovative, customer-oriented software applications. These empower our customers in business and sustain high performance across a good variety of industries, from SMEs to large and public corporations.

Streamline business processes
Reduce deployment time and overhead cost
Drive better business results with custom made applications
Enhance operational efficiency
Software Solutions

So, what is Cotech really about?

COTECH MANAGEMENT AND SOLUTIONS LLP is a leading global IT solutions organization, enabling its clients to transform at an enormous rate to achieve real-world business impact. The company focuses on three key verticals: Enterprise, Data and Web Development. This domain strength is combined with leading-edge capabilities in Data & Analytics, Web Applications and App Development.

Cotech fosters a culture that promotes innovation and constantly seeks to find fresh yet efficient ways to add value for its clients. We are a leading IT solutions firm. Our final objective is to provide the best services and improve the overall growth of client’s business within the cut-throat market. A powerful foothold of innovative ideas, seasoned abilities and skills to deliver a product with utmost perfection during this era of globalisation.

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